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What Next Tape?

Next Tape is a revolutionary system installation and connection of electrical devices that allows you to move sockets and light points without invasive masonry work, simply by pasting the wall a thin double-sided tape conductor which disappears from view under a coat of painting or shaving.

Next Tape handles up to 5 kw power and allows you to connect applications up to 230V (refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines), alarms, sound systems and home automation systems for homes.

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What problems does it solve?

Next Tape solves all the problems normally associated with the modification or implementation of an electrical installation, from the simplest to the most complex.

Thanks to Next Tape you can move sockets and light points in no time without dyrting the house, disturbing the neighbors, weakening the walls or damage your home and adjacent ones. Forget dust and rubble, starting today the electrical system is glued to the wall in few minutes!

Next Tape: sicurezza certificata

Why is it safe?

The Next Tape system answers to all the most important certifications in Europe (test of isolation, test the tension of exercise, test of the resistance to the fire and test of not propagation of the flame) which declare his total conformity to the safety norms , including TÜV certification.

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Designed, patented and manufactured in Italy

Next Tape was invented and patented by a young Start-up of Padua, Next LTD, which has made the design of innovative connections on its core business and it his manufactures are produced entirely in Italy.

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