Typology of plant: 220V AC/DC

Mechanical protection: Him (under the 2,5m)

A conditioner is not enough anymore, but you refuses yourself to fill the house of unsightly ducting to connect another of it? Next Tape is the solution that you were looking for because it allows you to install new conditioners anywhere you desire, without having to resort to the ducts or to effect building works.

The electric conductor Next Tape is directly glued to the wall without need to break the wall and is so thin to be succeeded in disappearing under to a simple trail of color.

In just 25 minutes and without having lifted dust, you will have predisposed the electric lacing for your new conditioner and you will have made sure the summer comfort that you desire. Next Tape manages loads up to 5kw and 230V: That is your solution for everything!

How is it installed?
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