NEXT TAPE is a conductive tape for installation of sound systems, lighting, electrical and security systems for homes, historic buildings and offices.

Thin and flat, is applied directly to the wall. It brings the power where you need it without destructive interventions on walls, saving time and money.

  • Not more of the walls ruptures with consequent waste material to be disposed of
  • No more dirty house and no risk of damaging floors and furniture
  • No more dust to breathe
  • No more neighbors disorders while editing the electrical system

It changes the shape but the function is the same: NEXT TAPE is made from a copper conductive flap and is designed to be installed directly to the wall thanks to its adhesive glue with very high tenacity. Once covered with mortar or by a coat of paint becomes invisible.

Many types of connectors that allow the complete and efficient integration of a plant that are available using traditional cables to a simple addition that allows the NEXT TAPE usage on.

NEXT TAPE is approved and TUV certificate for the electric and signal run up to 1000v.

If correctly installed, the duration of a plant with the tape NEXT TAPE is guaranteed for 20 years. The tape NEXT TAPE exceeded the performance of conventional cables for security, flexibility and durability.

NEXT TAPE becomes invisible after being covered with a coat of stucco or painted with normal water painting. Alternatively, you can hide beneath the decorative Greek, on the floor or behind the skirting.

NEXT TAPE is installed directly to the wall drastically reducing costs for the system installation.

  • FAST: in a few minutes you can roll out the tape Next Tape adhesive and make the electrical connections
  • Burglary IN WITHOUT WALLS: the application of the Next Tape conductor Tape requires no traces of broken walls, thus avoiding damage to floors and furniture.
  • START AND FINISH: just call the mason to do the break-ins, and then restore the wall. No more waiting between one job and another. The installer Next in a short time applies the tape ends and the electrical connections.

Sure! Currently, there are two ready-mount kit promotion.

The first kit allows to make up to 10 electrical complete interventions and is composed of:

  • Next Tape 2 runs from 0.5 mm2 – 25 meters
  • Mungo TAC paintable finish – 1 kg
  • Tape cover crack – 10 meters
  • Network port plaster – 20 meters
  • Spatula drafting tape – 1 pcs
  • Kit Connectors 10-2 pc.

The second kit enables to make up to 4 electrical interventions complete and consists of:

  • Next Tape 3 slopes from 1.5 mm2 – 10 meters
  • Mungo TAC paintable finish – 1 kg
  • Tape cover crack – 10 meters
  • Network port plaster – 20 meters
  • Masking tape – 2,5 meters
  • Spatula drafting tape – 1 pcs.
  • Kit Connectors 10-3 pc.

For both the Plano carrying case is for free! Please call +39 049-2701077 for  more information.