Next System in detail

What is Next Tape?

Next tape is an innovative system for the electrical connections destined to become the new global standard.

What problems does it solve?

No more dust, burglary and damage: with Next Tape you modify the electric fittings without leaving trace.

How to install

Next Tape paste it directly glued to the wall and disappears easily in a coat of color.

Why It is worthwhile?

It allows you to save time and money: with Next Tape you achieve complete electrical work in just 25 minutes.

Is it safe?

TUV certificate, Next Tape has overcome all the safety tests in the accredited laboratories  Accredia.

Where is it produced?

Next Tape is a product made in Italy: designed, patented and manufactured directly in Italy.

What is Next Tape?

Next Tape is an innovative and revolutionary system installation and connection of electrical devices that allows you to move sockets and light points in just 25 minutes and without performing invasive masonry work.

Once glued to the wall, Next Tape, double-sided tape conductor, paintable and thin, literally disappears from view under a simple coat of painting or shaving.

The system is ideal for all home applications because, thanks to a double-sided tape conductor which supports up to 5 kw power, allows you to connect applications up to 230V (refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines), alarms, sound systems and home automation systems for  domotic homes.

  • Operating voltage up to 50V DC for the model to “conductors from 0.5mm2 – up to 230V AC for models to 2/3 conductors from 1.5mm2 and 2.5mm2
  • Effective area of each track: 0.5mm2 / 1.5mm2 / 2.5mm2
  • Rated current density: 9A / mm2
  • Rated insulation voltage: 5000V

What problems does it solve?

Next Tape solves ALL the problems normally associated with the modification or installation of electrical systems, from simple, such as moving an outlet, to the more complex ones, such as the construction of a new electrical system.

  • You don’t dirty the house and you will not have to spend days to clear it from the dust of the work
  • You don’t spoil the floor and furniture
  • You don’t produce waste materials to be disposed of
  • You don’t breathe fine dust
  • You don’t weaken the walls with useless burglary and masonry cracks
  • You don’t disturb the neighbors at your electrical system modification work
  • You can also install appliances and electrical outlets where you had not planned
  • You can change the arrangement of your furniture without limits due to the original electrical fixtures
  • You won’t have to break the walls or install some bad external cable ducts to move an outlet
  • You Avoid long waiting days to complete the electrical installation: a few minutes to install and a few hours for the finish
  • You don’t risk damaging your home and neighboring ones with demolition
  • You don’t reduce the heat and sound insulation of walls, safeguarding the energy class and the value of your home.

How do I install it?

Install Next Tape is easy!

Watch the video or click here to find out how to change your electrical system in just 25 minutes!

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Why is it worthwhile?

With Next Tape you can design or modify your electrical system, home automation, audio and alarm without having to break walls or resort to the use of unsightly ducting, so cheap and fast.

  • Fast – Just a few minutes to stretch the tape Next Tape adhesive and make the electrical connections without masonry.
  • Start and finish – it becomes totally independent in the realization of your electrical systems: you no longer need the help of a mason to back and restore burglary or forced to wait six more days of demolition, restoration and finishing the walls .
  • Nothing recesses in the walls – can carry electrical systems without make traces in the walls: no more risk of ruining floors and furniture, you do not need workers, not dirty and do not produce waste materials that you then have to worry about disposing.
  • No damage to the walls – do not make indentations in the walls to make the electrical system and thus averts the risk of generating thermal bridges personalize the energy efficiency of the house.

Is it safe?

Security & Protection (in) attacked!

The Next Tape system answers to all the most important certifications in Europe that declare its compliance with safety standards, including TÜV certification.

The Next Tape conductive tape has passed the main security testing in accredited laboratories Accredia, including:

  • Insulation test
  • Test on the operating voltage
  • Test of resistance to fire
  • Test of no propagation of the flame

Where is it produced?

Next Tape was invented and patented by Next Srl, a young Paduan Start-up which made the design of innovative connections on its core business and the manufactures are produced entirely in Italy.