Automation of windows for garret

Thanks to Next Tape you can automatize the windows of the garret in little time without ruining walls and ceilings and without resorting to the use of external ducts.

Move of a point light

With Next Tape move the points light in little time and without dirtying house! Forget dust and debris, starting today the electric plant is glued to the wall!

Realization of a complete plant

Have you ever thought how foolish gutting the walls of a newly built home to make the wires of the electrical system? With Tape Next there is no more need!

Connection of an appliance

Have you finally found the perfect place for an appliance, but in that point there is not an electric taking to serve it? With Next Tape resolve the problem in just 25 minutes!

Installation of a pellet stove

In the place where you have to install the new pellet stove there is an electrical outlet and you do not want to break the walls to be able to connect to the mains? Thinks Next Tape!

Installing an alarm system

Now you can install a complete alarm system without having to break the walls of the house: Next Tape provides security for your home without a trace!

Restoration in historic buildings

Next Tape è la soluzione per il restauro di edifici sottoposti al vincolo delle belle arti perché consente di realizzare connessioni elettriche senza ricorrere a interventi strutturali invasivi.

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